Why do you need a technical writer?

Because good technical writers know all the traps and all the shortcuts!

Designers and engineers are notorious for leaving documentation until the end of a project, an afterthought. This results in a rush job, which in no way does justice to the hard work that went into developing your product.

When the designer documents a product, the result is usually full of assumed knowledge and is a jumble of disjointed information. Having the manual done by an outsider results in a coherent product with ALL the information.

A technical writer is much more efficient at the craft of producing manuals. Being familiar with word processors, computer-aided illustrating and document standards reduces the time required to produce a top quality product.

Ingenova’s Technical Writing Skills

Ingenova has experience in all aspects of producing quality technical manuals, including:

  • Technical Writing
  • Technical Illustrations
  • Team Management
  • State-of-the-Art Technical Publications
  • International, Australian and Defence Standards
  • Documentation Management
  • Configuration Management and ILS Issues
  • Document Production: Printing Processes, Screen Printing, Copyright Law.