IBM Westpac Account – VPN Remote Access Solution


  • Delivery of a VPN Remote Access solution and Citrix solution to allow Westpac employees to access their desktop applications from home via their internet connection.
  • Project Management of a lof IT architects, network engineers and developers.
  • Stringent security requirements around access and hardening of equipment.
  • Tight budget and difficult deadlines.

Westpac required a VPN Remote Access solution and Citrix in an extremely tight timeframe. Ingenova was asked to help get this very difficult project over the line. In a period of 12 months our team managed to
install and build over 40 servers, firewalls, switches, security devices, basically over $1.8 million dollars worth of hardware and software into two data centres in Sydney.

This system now allows Westpac employees to access bank systems from the home broadband internet connection, as if they were in their offices.

My role as project manager was to manage the customer expectations, requirements, resources, procurement, costs, service levels and schedules. Ingenova had around 20 resources (software developers, hardware installers, cablers, etc) to manage and a demanding reporting structure above me (delivery, governance, quality, security, etc).

In addition to having an excellent team, Ingenova also attributes the success of this project to our technical understanding of the requirements, our willingness to listen to the business needs of the customer, our
ability to identify and chase down issues and our vision in establishing cost-effective mitigations for the numerous risks we faced during the project.