RailCorp – OSCar Project


  • Systems Review and Fault Diagnosis
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance Studies
  • FMECAs and SHAs
  • Issue Management Tools
  • Systems verification reviews
  • OSCAR Train Operations Manual
  • Physical Configuration Audits
  • Practical Completion testing and verification
  • FRACAS process
  • Change Management Process
  • Configuration Management processes

Reliability Engineering for the OSCAR – the latest addition to the RailCorp fleet of electric trains

RailCorp commissioned United Group Rail to design and build 40 OSCAR trains for the Sydney outer suburban runs.

Ingenova’s role in the team was to review the design of the train, identify all single points of failure and ensure redundancy is sufficient to meet the contractual reliability targets.

To achieve this we used a Reliability-Centred Maintenance approach to ensure the trains are inherently reliable and are maintained effectively throughout their entire 35 year life cycle.

Ingenova was also responsible for designing and conducting a series of tests to evaluate numerous ‘odd scenarios’ not normally covered by conventional testing and commissioning.

Other responsibilities included software change management, configuration management and the integration of test results back into production.