Solutions Management

Solution Management is more than project management
– it starts when you get a great idea
and ends when the benefits of your idea are realised.

Today’s business opportunities are limitless: new markets, products and services; new business models; and new ways to sell, service, and deliver. When these opportunities are identified, you need to determine what you want to do, set goals and measures, develop a realistic plan, and get resources with the correct expertise and solid experience immediately.

Ingenova can successfully assist in the introduction of new software solutions, processes and technologies.

  • We work with our clients to determine potential benefits and costs.
  • We define the exact scope of the effort require to make the opportunity a reality.
  • We document the business requirements: function, process, goals and measures, benefits, constraints, and risks.
  • We explore solutions: acquisition, strategic alliances, software packages versus custom development, outsourcing.
  • Once a solution is selected, we develop a plan identifying what needs to be done in the context of project deliverables and milestones, by whom, in what time frame and at what costs.
  • We assist in developing the strategies and plans necessary to establishing the necessary environmental, end-to-end product testing, and support structures.
  • We help streamline operational processes using proven methodologies and tools.

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