Who are our clients?

Since its humble beginnings back in the early 1990s knocking on the doors of many small to medium technology companies in Sydney, Ingenova has had a wide range of clients in Australia, Japan and Europe in the following areas:

  • Defence (RAN, Thomson Sintra, Tenix, ADI, CSC)
  • High Tech Electronics (Seiko Epson, Fujitsu)
  • Sports Events Technology (Pan-American Games, Sydney Olympic Games)
  • Public Utilities (Sydney Water, Australian Water Technologies, Sydney Desalination Plan)
  • Transport (RailCorp, CityRail, Rail Services Corporation, FreightCorp)
  • Electronic Ticketing (Sydney Opal Card)
  • Information Technology (IBM, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, EDS, WorkCover)
  • Transport Projects
  • Project Management (TSA Management, Quoin Technology)

More information is provided below about some of this work  performed by Ingenova:


WorkCover NSW – Sharepoint Web Site

  • MyWorkCover – a web-based portal for WorkCover to deliver customised views of information based on the users profile using Sharepoint
  • Developed a Business Plan to identify benefits, resource requirements and technological risks.
  • Developed Technical Specs and Business Requirements
  • Managed the development of Sharepoint, DotNet, Ajax and Asp Code
  • Included Project Management of a team of developers and business analysts to deliver solution to support a pilot in the Automotive Industry.

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RailCorp – OSCAR Project

  • Systems Review and Fault Diagnosis
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance Studies
  • FMECAs and SHAs
  • Issue Management Tools
  • Systems verification reviews
  • OSCAR Train Operations Manual
  • Physical Configuration Audits
  • Practical Completion testing and verification
  • FRACAS process
  • Change Management Process
  • Configuration Management processes

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IBM Westpac Account – VPN Remote Access Solution

  • Delivery of a VPN Remote Access solution and Citrix solution to allow Westpac employees to access their desktop applications from home via their internet connection.
  • Project Management of a lof IT architects, network engineers and developers.
  • Stringent security requirements around access and hardening of equipment.
  • Tight budget and difficult deadlines.

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Commonwealth Bank – IT Management Processes

  • Developed IT&T Management Processes for GroupTechnology
  • ITIL and COBIT compliant process development
  • Applications Inventory to establish onwership within CBA
  • Sarbanes Oxley Audit of CBA and EDS IT applications
  • Mapping of IT Applications to Business Processes using ARIS to allow CBA to model and re-engineer their business processes.

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IBM Olympic Program – Results Management and Document Management

  • Lotus Notes Document Management System (Pegasus) and Processes
  • Requirements Authoring and Production Processes
  • Baseline Configuration Management Processes
  • Issue Management Tools
  • Lotus Notes Teamroom Setup and Administration
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • English/French Sports Dictionary Management
  • Software Development Project (MSL, Madrid)
  • Results System Management (Taekwondo and Boccia)
  • TV Graphics (SOBO), Internet (IBM, USA) and Scoreboard Interface (Swiss Timing)
  • Business Process Re-engineering and Design
  • Volunteer Training and Management for Taekwondo and Table Tennis Olympic Results Team
  • Volunteer Training and Management for Boccia Paralympic Results Team

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Sydney Water Desalination Plant

  • Design and establish Project Management processes
  • Configure web-based system Incite to support processes
  • Development of work-flow to allow Sydney Water to review and approve design and construction of the plant.
  • System design of a webcam on-site to allow remote viewing of site activities by Sydney Water.



Australian Hearing Services

  • Business Process Re-Engineering and workshops to devise “to-be” processes.
  • Risk Analysis of technically complex options (web-distributed business-systems, clinical software, etc)
  • Logistics Analysis of various business system deployment options
  • Roll-out Options Analysis
  • Personal Computer Replacement Policy
  • Email Policy
  • Solution Management of various projects which introduced new products/technology/processes to 72 Hearing Centres around Australia.
  • Management Reporting – designing and building a suite of reports to support the corporate KPIs using Oracle and Business Objects



  • Procurement Manual (Hard Copy and Intranet Versions)
  • Capital Investment Manual (Hard Copy and Intranet Versions)
  • Training Course Development for Procurement


City Rail – Procurement Manuals

  • Standard for Producing Engineering Manuals and Specifications
  • Publications Management Manual
  • Directory of Publications
  • Procurement Policies and Procedures

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Australian Defence Industries – Technical Manuals

  • Hydrographic Ship Maintenance and Operator Manuals
  • FFG Upgrade Tender Preparation


Commonwealth Serum Laboratories – Document Management System

  • Design of Document Management System
  • Engineering Management Procedures
  • Documentation Manual
  • Document Management Manual

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Aristocrat Poker Machines – Service Manuals

  • USA Video Poker Service and Operator Manuals
  • NSW Stepper Machine Service and Operator Manuals
  • Holland Video Poker
  • European 540 machine
  • Field Service Documentation
  • Holland Software Test Procedures.

Australian Water Technologies

  • Dam Safety Emergency Plans – for 24 Reservoirs and Dams in NSW
  • Registration Brochure for the 1998 Conference on Dams
  • Bat Management Plan for the Cataract Tunnel


Sydney Water – Dam Operation and Emergency Manuals

  • Sydney Desalination Plant – Project Management Systems
  • Contracts Management Manual
  • Warragamba Dam Operations Manual
  • Tallowa Dam Operations Manual

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Computer Sciences Corporation – Australia

  • ANZAC Ship Simulator Hardware Maintenance Manual
  • Production Manuals
  • NAUTIS Tactical Trainer Hardware Maintenance Manual

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Genasys -Australia – Online Help System

  • Internet Help System for Geographical Information System
  • Help System for a GIS Development Toolkit


Ripples House Boats – Technical Illustrations

  • Exploded diagram of the Ripples House Boat for their brochure.